Slide A Texas Timeline

The story of Texas Whiskey is only growing. Learn more as we chronicle the rise of this great industry.


Honoring those who paved the way.

The timeline captures the historic rise of the Texas Whiskey industry. Paying homage to the founders and distillers who launched the craft whiskey movement in Texas, the timeline chronicles when distilleries were founded, historic events and whiskey releases, and the passage of critical legislation that enabled industry growth.

2006 - Garrison Brothers Distillery Founded

Garrison Brothers was granted the first distiller's permit for bourbon outside of Kentucky and Tennessee, making it the oldest legal bourbon distillery in Texas. DSP-TX-15006

2006 - Treaty Oak Distilling Founded

Founded by Daniel Barnes, Treaty Oak Distilling was the fourth distillery operating in Texas. DSP-TX-15010

2008 - Balcones Distilling Founded

A forefather of the Texas Whiskey movement…distilling began Waco in 2009. DSP-TX-15018

2009 - Balcones Releases Baby Blue

Balcones Distilling releases Baby Blue Corn Whiskey, the first Texas Whiskey on the market since Prohibition.

2009 - House Bill 1974 Passes

On May 13, 2009, House Bill 1974 of the 81st Legislative Session amended Chapter 14 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code to allow Texas distilleries to provide distilled spirits samples.

2010 - Garrison Brothers Releases Young Gun

On Texas' Independence Day, Garrison Brothers released 2,000 bottles of Young Gun — the first bourbon legally produced in Texas.

2010 - Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co-Founded

Founded by Leonard Firestone and Troy Robertson.

2010 - Andalusia Whiskey Company Founded

Founded by Tommy Erwin and Ty Phelps.

2010 - Yellow Rose Distilling Founded

Houston’s first legal whiskey distillery.

2010 - Bone Spirits Distilling Founded

Based in historic Smithville, Texas, just outside of Austin, Texas, Bone Spirits LLC. provides authentic farm-to-bottle spirits.

2011 - Banner Distilling Co. Founded

Founded by Logan Simpson and Anthony Jimenez.

2012 - Whitmeyer's Distilling Co. Founded

Co-Founded by two U.S. Army veterans, Travis and Chris Whitmeyer, this veteran owned and operated business is Harris County’s First Distillery.

2012 - Swift Single Malt Founded

Founded by Nick and Amanda Swift.

2012 - TDSA Founded

Texas Distilled Spirits Association (TDSA) is founded. It serves as the official trade association for the Texas distilled spirits community.

2016 - Bartletts Distillery Founded

Bartletts Distillery founded March 11th, in Conroe, Texas. Started by an engineer with 20 years in the oil and gas industry, this distillery established itself by producing a variety of rums distilled from Panela. It later entered the Texas Whiskey scene with a White Dog and Single Malt Whiskey distilled from 100% malted barley.

2016 - MKT Distillery Founded

MKT Distillery founded June 16th, in Katy, Texas. Established in the historic Katy Rice Silos, MKT is the first distillery in “old town Katy.” The distillery’s name pays homage to the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad that began operating in the area in 1895. MKT uses locally grown rice in every spirit produced in recognition Katy’s rich, rice farming history.

2016 - First Texas Whiskey Festival

The Inaugural Texas Whiskey Festival was held at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Honchoed by Jake Clements, the festival showcased 11 Texas distilleries representing 25 different whiskies.

2016 - TWA Founded

Founded in 2016, the TWA promotes Texas Whiskey, educates consumers and supports distilleries that produce whiskey within the territorial boundaries of the State of Texas. The TWA promotes transparency in labels and certification standards.

2016 - Tahwahkaro Distilling Company founded

Distilling began in 2017. A family owned grain to glass distillery located in Grapevine, using the finest grains sourced from Texas suppliers to make a smooth, balanced four grain bourbon whiskey. DSP-TX-20082

2016 - Gulf Coast Distillers Founded

Founded in 2016 by Carlos de Aldecoa with production starting in 2017. Gulf Coast Distillers is located in Houston's Historic East End and is the home of Giant Texas Bourbon. "Giant" is an understatement. This craft distillery has industrial scale capacity and is the largest distillery in Texas.

2017 - Still Austin Founded

The only distillery located within Austin city limits.

2019 - Texas Whiskey Trail Launches

On January 19th the launch of the Texas Whiskey Trail is announced at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference. Founded by 12 distilleries crafting Certified Texas Whiskeys.

2019 - Texas Whiskey Experience Launches

On Apr 19th the Texas Whiskey Experience website launches and becomes the one-stop shop for all things Texas Whiskey!